French fancies

I don't deny it, I have a very sweet tooth. Cakes, biscuits and puddings are my favourite things. I'm not particularly fond of sweets or chocolate bars but cakes. Those are my downfall.

So when I get to France the Patisseries are where I head to first. The cakes are such exquisite works of art that they are hard to break into, but once you do. Oh you feel like you're in heaven. Each mouthful provides sinful delight whisking you to a fantasy of deliciousness.

Sunday is the traditional day for eating cakes in France. Patisseries are awash with beautiful creations ready for families to devour at long lazy lunches in the sun. So threw ourselves into French tradition last Sunday indulging in this little gem:

White chocolate encassed white chocolate mousse with crushed raspberries on a biscuit bed. A thing of beauty.

Whilst on an afternoon ambling round the remparts of Carcassone we came across two sweet shops filled with eye catching goodies. It took all our willpower not to come away with bags full of these beauties...I could feel my arteries blocking by just looking at them!