Summertime and the living is easy...

Working for yourself has it's definite advantages especially when it's 30 degrees plus in London. I'd been battling with the heat all week and missing my previous office's aircon so I decided there was nothing for it but to picnic under a big tree by the River Thames.

Matilda and I were joined by her good friend Tabitha and her wonderful Nanny Brenda (who is quite famous in Fulham). We picked the most perfect spot right by Petersham Nurseries under the biggest tree where the breeze and shade met to keep us cool. A beautifully pleasant afternoon followed filled with chatting, role play, exploring, telling stories, eating, drinking cold lemonade and laughter. Much laughter. Tis often the simplest of activities that can give us the most pleasure. Eating outdoors is a beautiful experience for a child, I find Matilda eats more heartily whilst picking flowers or leaves and chasing the pigeons away. I am determined we shall picnic as much as possible over the coming weeks, outdoor play is a crucial part of creating memorable childhood days.