Shopping: Our Favourite websites

So this week commenced with a bang. Quite literally. First thing Monday morning my washing machine of 16 years decided to give up the fight. I had half been expecting it for about a year, but it seemed to soldier on like so much of my electrical equipment. It was a running joke in my previous office that I would never just replace anything for the hell of it.

Having a family the washing machine is a critical part of it, a wash goes on at least every other day. It's almost unimaginable to be without a washing machine or dishwasher these days, unlike my Mother's generation we do not like to get our hands mucky.  So I jumped on the Internet scouring the best bargains. I suddenly remembered Appliances online. Really well laid out website, informative, easy to use with a wide range of choice. I plumped for my trusty friend Bosch and within 48 hours I had my new family member safely delivered working for the money I'd just paid for it. I cannot recommend this company highly enough.

Another trusty favourite is the all encompassing John Lewis website. I do find it tricky to get the Oxford Street branch these days so have taken to ordering online then getting it delivered to my local Waitrose for free. Then you don't have to wait in for delivery or pay for it. From crockery to appliances to underwear you can get it all here. Good quality and 'never knowingly undersold' John Lewis is like the Volvo of the shopping experience. Good, solid and reliable.

John Lewis