Saturday lunch at Byron Burger...

So from one great surprise in yesterday's post about lala in Hammersmith to a bit of a disappointment.

I'd been desperate to try a Byron Burger for ages, having read all the praise from the press and fellow bloggers. Finally I got to go through their door and how excited was I? Very!

How I was let down. Just as those films or plays that are so hyped that you can't help but be disappointed when you finally get round to see them.

It's not that the burgers were bad, in fact they were lovely, juicy and well seasoned. Obviously good quality and freshly made. It was just so uninspiring. I was expecting a Gourmet burger with an edge, but they weren't any better and with a more limited choice. The situation wasn't helped by the fact they forgot to bring out Matilda's kids burger, so we ended up waiting 10 minutes for hers to arrive. By then ours were verging on the chilly and the chips had begun to wilt. I wonder if the staff at Westfield were simply overstretched last Saturday, as service also seemed to be hit and miss.

My Byron burger with pickle on the side.
Skin on chips.

Matilda's burger.

Crispy onion rings were a little too greasy for me.

All in all it wasn't the overwhelming food experience I had been anticipating and I'm in no rush to return. The food was adequate not ground breakingly good. Shame.