Our first Parent's Evening...

It was a momentous occasion, our very first Parents Evening. Interestingly I felt a slight flutter in my stomach as I approached the nursery building this afternoon. Despite my confidence in Matilda you actually just never know how they behave when they're not with you. I can see she is a vivacious, independent bright girl but can anyone else? Or, am I as her parent blinded by my deep awe of her very existence?

No, it would appear that we have a delightful, creative and bright little girl on our hands! Phew, I breathed a deep sigh of relief. We were told to keep doing what we're doing, encouraging and exposing her to all manner of experiences and she'll be just fine. She prefers painting to drawing, loves story telling and 'reading' stories, she enjoys the sticking table and has moved on to mixed media. She loves the construction table and is extremely articulate (perhaps a little too articulate sometimes). Tis always reassuring to get affirmation of not only your parenting, but on your child's own abilities by someone impartial. Long may it continue!