Congratulations William and Kate

The world has been going crazy for the new Royal arrival. Finally the wait was over by Monday evening. Cries of 'It's a Boy' created an international media and national frenzy, British pride was once again at the forefront of everyone's minds. Of course it's easy to forget that this was the story of one young couple welcoming into the world their first born like so many others. They will need time alone to bond with their child so I hope we all now respect their privacy in this particularly special time of any parents' life.

It takes me back to three and a half years ago when our beautiful daughter entered this world. She was so wanted and loved even before making her appearance, changing her parents lives forever. The biggest accomplishment of our lives. As soon as I saw her I fell in love, an all consuming love I'd never felt before. Instant admiration and wonderment.

Despite her jaundice which obliged us to remain in hospital for the first 6 days of her life, with her naked but for a nappy under bright lights, she was a healthy, happy baby. Poor little darling I've no idea how she managed to get any sleep at all. I on the other hand a hormonal, paranoid exhausted mess couldn't sleep for fear something would happen to her.

We were finally discharged at 8pm on a Monday evening, there were no cameras, no fuss. Just us and our kind friend Mat who came to pick us up. His wife had whipped up a macaroni cheese, the delicious home made taste of it I still remember today. Exhilarated and relieved to be home, our attentions soon turned to our little bundle of joy that made all sorts of funny noises (mostly like a sheep bleeting) whilst we all lay in bed that first night at home.

The anxiety and joy of being new parents never subsides, Matilda is a constant source of worry and happiness but we would never be without her. She is our world, just as every newborn is for their parents.

So Congratulations to William and Kate upon the birth of Little George, let's try and remember they are only human beings who now deserve their privacy to enjoy the new addition to their family.