A Sunday messing about on the river

Glorious British weather was finally upon us over the weekend. Sun always equals picnics in our family, I love nothing better than dusting off my picnic basket and filling it with delicious food to enjoy in the fresh air.

Even though I love picnics in the local park, it is picnics amongst the tall grass on a riverbank that I crave. So that is why we drove for over an hour yesterday to Port Meadow in North Oxford. A perfectly picturesque spot along the River Thames inhabited by cows, horses, ponies, the odd literary undergraduate and weekend picnickers. The paths are filled with families on bikes, dog walkers, strollers and smiley happy people.

Matilda and the husband paddled, played games and larked about all afternoon whilst I sat reading and watching their antics. We all spent a great deal of time watching the various vessels go by, it's amazing just how friendly everyone is on the river particularly in the sunshine.

It was really one of the most relaxing days I've had, the husband said the same. Being surrounded by such warmth and beauty takes your woes away, I highly recommend it. Nature is a truly wonderful thing, feeling the grass under your feet, dipping your toes in the cool river are simple activities that keep you grounded in this ever changing world. So next time you're in the park take off your shoes to feel nature first hand.

Delicious roast chicken and potato salad.

 Testing the water

Tootsies are in!

  Phwoar - the husband

Ahoy there!