Matilda gets musical

Oh what a crazy, mad week running from one end of London to another. Though in the middle of the madness I managed to squeeze in Matilda's introduction to the beautiful world of playing instruments. We have enrolled her for a term with the Stringnote Music Academy, a small music course run by Classical musicians and singers based in Fulham.  She joined the preschool class which cleverly introduces them to rhythm through singing, trying out different instruments and dancing. The emphasis being on learning through fun which is a great start as piano lessons and practice are often seen as a chore.

Having learnt the piano myself and dabbled in a bit of singing with a muso husband we are both keen for her develop her musical skills. She does seem very musical with a sweet singing voice which she loves showing off a the drop of hat. We love nothing more than a good sing song in the car, her current obsession is Emilie Sande's album. She knows every single word to every song. In fact, she won't allow any other CD to be played in the car 'I want the girl singing Mummy'. She's undoubtedly inherited our love of music so now I can't wait for her to begin playing an instrument so we can have a real jamming session.