Matilda the Artist

I'm not normally one to over extol the virtues of my daughter, I know she's a genuis but I don't need to tell everyone else do I? In fact to brag about your children to others smacks of  trying to over compensate for the opposite being the truth, making this kind of activity positively cringe worthy. I'm very British when it comes to these things and less really is more.

Having said that, in the artwork box at nursery this morning, I found Matilda's painting of a rose. I was taken aback particularly after her teacher told me it was part of an observational study. It's by no means perfect, she is only three after all but amazingly she grasped the idea of painting what she saw. The long green stem and the beautiful pink flower that lives proudly at the end, which is a recognisable flower in her painting.

How wonderful to see her artwork develop from just a splattering of paint to creating an identifiable object. She can also now draw and paint a child like sun, her lines are as straight as a dye and she's working hard on her signature. Times are a changing, exciting times as she begins to read and grow more independent.

Nature truly is a wonderful thing.