Goodbye Godfather...

Today has been a most difficult day. I lost my beloved Godfather, he passed away in the early hours of Sunday morning in his sleep, peacefully by all accounts. The last living sibling of my Mother, our families have always been very close.

His beautiful bright twinkling blue eyes that told a million stories. He loved a drink and a joke, to play cards but above all he had the warmest, purest heart. At our wedding he kept everyone amused with his jokes and stories of old, the husband and he particularly hit it off. Despite the language barrier, though my godfather was always convinced the husband could understand him, they liked to share a beer and laugh. I'm finding it hard to put into words the enormous sadness lying heavy in my heart today, trying to understand that I will never see his captivating smile again, only in my mind.

He had been suffering enormously of late and I guess he just gave up the fight. I will miss him forever, his cheekiness and kindness. Sleep well Padrinho, you will always be in my heart and, I will be forever sorry I could not be there today to say my goodbyes, and to support my beautiful cousins, your children. Love you always.