The Wetlands Centre, Barnes

As I had to work this evening and with the weather so utterly glorious I thought what the heck I'm taking the afternoon off.

I've been meaning to go to the Wetlands Centre for years, but not having been much of a Twitcher with no children I hadn't ever found an excuse. No longer, with Matilda and her friend in tow I finally got the chance to stroll around.

The Wetlands is a haven not only for bird life but for us humans too. It is hard to imagine that you're only a stone's throw from Central London, we could even see Matilda's school across the river.

There is an interesting Discovery Centre that takes you on a World Wetland journey, an adventure playground which we didn't see this time but the joy of the place is to explore, walk over little wooden bridges and soak in the quiet peaceful grounds.

My particular favourite moments were watching the Otters being fed and the singing frogs. We sat for a good 20 minutes listening to them, remarkable sounds. The girls loved running around, going exploring in the bushes trying to climb large stones, throwing sticks and stones in to the water to wait for fish. Alas there were none.

A wonderful place to spend a sunny afternoon whether you take the children or just fancy relaxing quietly with a book and picnic. A veritable oasis that has the capacity to transport you to to foreign shores, it reminded me so much of travelling on a rickety boat through the mangroves of Asia. Except this time we were in Central London on foot.

Do make time to pay this sanctuary a visit.

Little explorers.

This tickled us.

Determination prevailed and she managed to climb up.

The mangroves of Barnes!


My favourite frogs.

Beautiful black swans.

The obligatory Ice cream, her very first White Magnum.