Our first Parent Quiz night!

Last night the husband and I attended Matilda's school quiz night. The first of it's kind apparently, though the aim is to make it a regular feature of the school.

I'm not really a quiz night kind of girl but found myself getting thoroughly involved and enjoyed the evening tremendously. There wasn't a huge turnout but enough for it to be a noisy jolly affair fuelled by alcohol and some rather yummy Brie everyone seemed to have a great time as you can see below!

A great chance to get to know other parents, it is also an important factor in supporting your child's education. Being involved in your child's school demonstrates your commitment to their schooling whilst providing teachers with back up. Her school seems to have a strong sense of community which with increasing parental support can only be reinforced.

I am of the belief that teachers can only do so much with the restrictions on time and budget, it is up to us parents to ensure our children have a wide range of experiences thereby opening up their minds. These things needn't cost money, Matilda loves nothing more than a trip to our local garden centre to a browse and smell the flowers. Stopping on the way to the park to admire the Wisteria, as well as museum visits or trips to the zoo. Toddlers absorb this knowledge like sponges, it's marvellous to witness their inquisitive minds working. Talking of which we're off to the Isle of Wight tomorrow so I'd better go get sorted! Can't wait to see Matilda's face on the 'big pirate ship' we're going on. Happy Bank Holiday!