A country walk

Last Monday Matilda and I went for lunch at our beautiful friends who moved out to Cobham. I say out, but it takes me less than 30 minutes to drive there. Her little boy is only 5 days younger than Matilda and they do adore eachother, funnily enough this time around Matilda enjoyed playing with her little girl who is 16 months now. Think Matilda especially relished the adoration lavished on her as the bigger older girl.

Whilst I do work well under pressure and love being busy, it is refreshing to take time out and enjoy spending time with friends. After lunch we took a stroll down the country lanes, the children played in the blossom then fed the swan that lives in the stream. They chased after dogs, jumped in muddy puddles then Matilda managed to get herself stuck in a barbed wire fence whilst trying to catch the dog! Thankfully she wasn't hurt at all, but my heart leapt out as we turned around to see her caught.

These little incidents form part of childhood and growing up, I guess. Her struggle to disentangle provoked a great deal of amusement for her, can't quite say the same for me!