A Bank Holiday Monday

What a beautiful day! The sun finally shone on a Bank Holiday, there was no rain to be found over London. At times it was even a little too hot. This is what we did:

  • I had a little lie in though woke to the sound of Matilda giggling at the word 'bottom'.
  • Quiet solo breakfast for me whilst flicking through the new edition of Marie Claire.
  • The husband went off again for a 40 mile cycle ride in the sun ahead of next Sunday.
  • I cleaned the bathroom, hoovered, washed floors and tidied up.
  • Matilda played in the garden, drew and watched 'Despicable Me'.
  • A quick trip to Sainsbury's local for some ice cold Prosecco.
  • Pointing out the different flowers to Matilda who relished getting their names correct.
  • Strolling in the sun to our friends house for the first BBQ of the year.
  • Eating lots, drinking even more.
  • Watching the children gulp down their sausages followed by brownies and strawberries.
  • Marvelling at the children playing games, running around, creating their own palace and doctor's surgery.
  • Laughing at the children finding any excuse to strip off and run around the garden naked.
  • Finally getting home.
  • Watering all the pots and window boxes.
  • Collapsing on the sofa whilst watching Coronation Street still feeling rather full.
  • Watching the husband snooze away on the sofa.
  • Early night.