The vibrant streets of the East End

A must see part of London that comes alive even more vividly over the weekend is Hoxton/Columbia Road/Shoreditch. Achingly trendy with it's own very definitive look, this is an area that was being rejuvenated just as I left my clubbing days sadly. Now I just get to enjoy the colourful markets, shops and restaurants. Such a vibrant, colourful part of London full of contrast I love discovering little alleyways that lead to enticing teashops or hidden little art galleries.

Each street tells a unique story, I imagine the people that have lived behind these fascinating buildings, some of which lay crumbling despite the Street artists best efforts. Murals decorate decaying sides of buildings or scaffolding that protect the public from what lies beneath. I love the vibe here, wholesome yet cutting edge. And that is why I love London! Here is what we saw yesterday: