Spring has sprung

Hasn't the sun coming out over the last few days just been amazing? At long last it feels like the door has been closed upon Winter to allow the bright colours of Spring to invade our homes and streets.

I live in Fulham which at the moment is bursting with blossom, trees covered in pale pink and white flowers are just joyful to walk under on the school run. Running chores for clients and myself during the day are a joy, any excuse to be away from the laptop and be outside.

Best of all are impromptu picnics in the park after school with my little girl, and her friends. After years of spending lunch breaks at my computer have now given way to a sarnie sitting on the picnic blanket watching my girl exploring, or drawing sat barefoot on the grass.

Seeing the world and nature through a child's eyes is rather special, their curiosity and exclamations of their appreciation, can teach us adults a thing or two about being grateful for our surroundings. Matilda scooted to school today fascinated by the blossom floating all around her 'Oh look Mummy pink blossom, and there's some white blossom too'. It made me smile. Nature's miracles that we, as adults, take so much for granted as we go about our business, again become the centre of your universe, once you have a small child in tow. So whilst the sun keeps shining I'm determined to get out there to enjoy Matilda's fascination with flowers, grass, trees and twigs (yes twigs, I have a handbag full). Tonight she went to sleep with a couple of magnolia flowers she picked from the garden today, next to her bed. I just love that.