Our Easter Weekend

Easter is typically a time that we take a little mini break in the UK, however with the weather as cold and temperamental as it's been we took the decision to stay in our own home to make the most of what London has to offer.

Here's what we did:

  • Friday we had a lazy morning then off we went into Soho to see the crazy yet supremely talented Doctor Brown at the Soho Theatre. A very lacklustre lunch at Leon de Bruxelles was redeemed by a lovely walk around Covent Garden mooching round the shops.

  • Saturday was all about farm life as we spent a rather chilly but fun day at Willows Farm in Hertfordshire. Feeding the animals, cooing at the cutest little baby chicks, sliding down big slides and going on an Egg hunt which Matilda didn't seem terribly bothered about. She was too busy in the wooden playhouses, shutting their doors on children searching for eggs whilst announcing 'there are no eggs in here, go away'. Ooops...

  • Sunday, the house was filled with the aroma of home made hot cross buns, chocolate cakes, meringues and roast lamb. Then it was down to our local, Bishops Park to watcch the Oxford-Cambridge boat race. Matilda was much more interested in the merry go rounds and winning a toy than cheering on Cambridge who sadly lost. It was straight home after the end of the race to warm up.

  • Monday was all about friends and children. We drove out to Cranleigh in leafy, pretty Surrey for a glorious lunch, play, walk and drink in the pub. We all collapsed in a heap in the evening and with Matilda in bed we settled down with a glass of wine and the latest episode of the brilliant Broadchurch. A superb drama, beautifully acted, written and directed. Cannot recommend it highly enough!

It was a wonderful, indulgent few days at home. Hope you all had a good break.