An afternoon at the The Light Show with my favourite girls

Last Thursday I took a break from work to take Matilda and my two God daughters to The Light Show at the Hayward. After two attempts to get tickets to this popular show I finally managed to secure us all tickets for a lunchtime slot. It is a wonderful experience that both the children and I loved. The spectacular light installations provide the most mesmerising experience for children, Matilda loved it though I did have to work quite hard at not letting her touch anything!

Our favourites were the installations from the Chilean artist Ivan Navarro and the tunnel of light by the artist Anthony McCall. One spotlight in a pitch black room gives off a misty light that gives you the impression that you're walking through a wall. Matilda at the moment has a deep fascination with shadows so she didn't want to leave this room as the girls played with the light. The feeling of excitement as you enter a pitch black room that suddenly explodes with light is quite something. I felt like a child in a massive sweet shop. 

A thrilling show illustrating how a mood, an idea or sentiment can be conveyed so effectively with light. This couldn't be more evident in the telephone box installation from the aforementioned Chilean artist Ivan Navarro, who gives the spectator a taste of life under a dictatorship or the Big Brother society we now live in, where you can't see them seeing you, where your every move is scrutinised. If you look up or down it resembles a never ending tunnel that you could fall through at any moment. It made our legs go a little shaky. An Amazing reworking of the power of illusion that has you completely fooled.

The highlight of the afternoon was getting to know my two beautiful God daughters, they're growing up to be kind, sensitive, intelligent young girls. We don't often spend much time alone as I'm normally catching up with their Mother or Matilda dominating. I'm so privileged to be their Godmother. Matilda adores them too and looks upon them as her very own older sisters. I love them all so much it is a joy to witness such a wonderful bond and love between the three girls. As you can see a lot of fun was had along the Southbank. Long may it continue.

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