Yoga in the Algarve this August with Rosemary Da Silva

Before Matilda I was a bit of a yoga addict! I dabble these days which is far from ideal, and one of this Spring's resolutions is to start attending a regular class.

One of my most inspiring teachers was Rosemary Da Silva, I religiously went to her Saturday morning class at the Iyengar Institute in Maida Vale as well as her weekend/holiday courses. She is one of those ladies that you just wish you could be! She will be holding a week long course in August in Portugal at the peaceful retreat of Quinta Mimosa nestled in the hills of the Algarve. I promise you'll come back fitter, more in charge of your life but above all you'll be at peace with yourself.

Here is more information on Rosemary and her teaching:

Iyengar Yoga focuses on precision, alignment and safety in each posture. It builds strength,flexibility, stamina and balance. Regular practice can help improve concentration and enhanceserenity and calmness. Symptoms of stress such as headaches, stiff necks, lower backache, insomnia, and digestive disorders can all be assisted and managed through the practice.

A Certificated Iyengar Yoga teacher can guide students of all ages and physical conditions toan experience of Yoga, which is safe, accessible and rewarding. Students begin with elementary work with an emphasis on the standing poses. With progress, twists, forward bends, back bends,inversions and restorative poses are added to the practice. Each class ends with deep relaxation, where students learn to rest and surrender the body in a profound way and experience a peaceful state of stillness. This is where the alchemy of Yoga is truly absorbed.

Rosemary has been teaching at the prestigious Iyengar Yoga Institute, Maida Vale, since 2000 and over the last 12 years has taught across various slots on the timetable; foundation courses, beginners, general level, as well as therapeutic Yoga in the remedial & back pain classes. She has made numerous trips to Pune, India, to study directly with the Iyengar family and has attended various intensives with Geeta Iyengar in London, South Africa and Australia.

Rosemary has taught various residential weekends in the UK as well as week long retreats in Spain, France, Turkey and Greece. She combines enthusiasm with humour as a teacher, and particularly enjoys introducing beginners to the possibilities of Yoga.

I would second that last statement! For further information and bookings contact Rosemary directly on