World Book Day

Today was Matilda's first official World Book Day, she went to nursery dressed as Winnie The Witch, carrying our home made Wilbur the Cat. Considering I haven't done any artwork for about 20 years, I was really quite proud of our joint effort yesterday. It did actually resemble a cat!

It got me thinking of the books I adored and devoured as a child. Especially those that not only whisked me off into a make believe world but have also stayed with me through the years. Having always been an avid reader who loves being surrounded by books, my shelves and available surfaces are crammed with them. It is true to say that I have not joined the Kindle generation, still preferring the smell of a crisp new book, or the aged torn book found deep in the depths of a second hand bookshop. Below is a selection of the books that made an impact on my childhood and therefore my adult life. I'm so looking forward to sharing some of these with Matilda when she gets a little older. Her shelves are already buckling with the weight of the books received as gifts, inherited or bought by us. She'll undoubtedly follow in our footsteps for the husband is just as obsessed as me with books, and Matilda herself can spend hours happily 'reading'. Long may it continue!




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