What we got up to this weekend...

A freezing cold weekend peppered with snow showers, Baltic winds laced with an icy surprise did not deter us from venturing out of the house.

So here's what we did:

  • Spent hours marvelling at the rather brilliant David Bowie Is exhibition at the V&A. Do NOT miss this even if you're not a big fan, fascinating example of the fusion of music, fashion, art, culture and modern technology.
  • Ate a great Kebab from our local Best Mangal, Fulham, voted one of the best in London by Time out no less.
  • Took the bus then walked through Mayfair to the Mayfair Hotel, the venue for our friend's 40th 1940's fancy dress Birthday bash (see the best costume below).
  • Drank a little too much wine, danced like I was 21 again then collapsed into bed at 2am
  • Bacon butties and large coffees this morning.
  • Quick shower then off in the snow.
  • Long indulgent pub lunch at the great The Telegraph Inn on Putney Common.
  • Then home for a movie afternoon.
  • The film was The Muppets.
  • Dozed on the sofa after a hot cup of tea.
  • Ate our way through a packet of mini eggs
  • Splashing around in the bath for Matilda whilst pretending to be a mermaid escaping the pirates and snakes.
  • Hour long Corrie, reading the Sundays followed by an early night.

Photo from The Guardian