Mummy alone time

I had the privilege of getting a few hours to myself this morning. It's not often that either me or the husband get any alone time. The husband was taking Matilda to a concert at Cadogan Hall with a friend and his boy, so I took myself off to do some window shopping on the Northcote Road. I mooched, drank a delicious latte at Gails Bakery, admired the flower stall, bought some bread, raided the second hand shops and bought Matilda her comic relief T-shirt and nose. Interestingly apart from a new cake tin, everything I bought was for Matilda. Mummy's can't help themselves I all becomes about our little ones.

I was very appreciative of the time to wander round the shops without constantly worrying which clothes rack Matilda is hiding in! Blissful in fact.

Here are some images from my adventure today, what I fell in love with, what I ate, what I drank.

I'm looking forward to putting my feet up tomorrow and letting Matilda and the husband take over the day. What are you all doing for Mother's Day?