Margo & Julia's cafe, Parsons Green Fulham.

I stumbled across this newly opened cafe last week. Focus is on the younger members of the community with a fabulous, magical play area occupying the basement.

What is most striking about this place is Margo's warm welcome, all the staff are super friendly and attentive. Helpful to Mum's carrying prams down the stairs, happy to take drinks downstairs they were all delightful.

Margo told me the inspiration for the cafe came from her five year old daughter Julia (hence the name Margo & Julia), after a career in Investment banking this local Fulham resident made her dream come true by opening this wonderful cafe, aimed at families but don't feel you can't pop in for a latte and slice of cake if you don't have a kiddie accessory. Children head for the basement play area and don't emerge so you are safe upstairs if they are not your cup of tea! In Margo's own words she wanted to create somewhere 'cosy, friendly and a bit more sophisticated than the regular chain cafes'.

Another reason to love this place, which hopefully won't change, is that there is no charge for the play area, thereby encouraging you to spend more on drinks and snacks. I know the last place I went to that charged for their play area I only bought an apple juice for Matilda, whereas here we had biscuits and lattes and drinks for the children.

Unlike it's predecessor Margo understands a child's fantasy world recreating it beautifully here. The ball pit proved a major draw for Matilda and her friends as well as all the other visiting children. An attention to detail and a consideration of children's needs is more than apparent here. Even the biscuits sold are child friendly, bright colourful little jewels. The coffee is excellent, Margo is passionate about her coffee. They also provide little lunch boxes for the children though I'd like to see a choice of warm food (perhaps a pasta dish or a parmigiano) at dinner time for them, then we wouldn't have had to rush off before 5pm! This is a place to let the daily grind go. Take a book, drink a latte, have a cake or a sarnie and enjoy watching your child have a great time.

Margo & Julie's is a welcome addition to Fulham and it's residents. Despite being such an affluent area with an abundance of families, it always stuns me how lacking we are for cafes with good cakes, customer service, and activities for children. If Dalston and Battersea can get it so right then why can't we in Fulham? I'm hoping Margo will be leading the way to a thriving local cafe with activities for the whole family. Please do go support her venture whilst giving your children a fun time too.

Margo and Julia's is on Parson's Green.

Since my last visit Margo has introduced small warm dinner dishes for children so no need to rush off at 5pm!

Margo and Julia's promises