A lazy weekend in pictures

Due to my little procedure last week, Matilda's cold, the husband's tiredness and the grizzly weather, we decided to have a self indulgent weekend snuggled away indoors.

These are just some of the things we accomplished:

1. Made bacon sarnies
2. Watched Annie, Mary Poppins, Monster in Paris and Tinkerbell.
3. Watched the disappointing Holy Motors once Matilda was safely tucked up in bed.
4. Made Oatmeal Cookies.
5. Made an Arabian Cake.
6. Ate comfort food: chicken kiev and fries.
7. Read books.
8. Made puzzles.
9. Made necklaces.
10. Took long hot baths.
11. Made a big Sunday roast.
12. The husband took a long afternoon nap.
13. Rode Matilda's balance bike in the hall.
14. Danced around the living room.
15. Built tall lego towers.
16. Played Stack 'n' Fall.
17. Drank endless cups of tea.
18. Made a Valentine garland.
19. Put my feet up with Call The Midwife.
20. Early nights.