Poorly toddler...

We've not started the week very well, Matilda has caught a little flu bug. I should have realised yesterday when she actually asked to go home from the Christening party. She was very sorry for herself last night, collapsed in her bed and slept for 13 hours solid.

Today she's been sneezing all over the place and spent most of the morning lying on the sofa under her 'blankie'. She then climbed on me as I was sorting out my dreaded tax return, proceeded to fall asleep leaving me one arm free to fill in my spreadsheets. I apologise Mr Inland Revenue if there are any typos! It is at times like these I'm so thankful that I can work from home without a boss breathing down my neck. A couple of phone calls and work is rearranged, I'm also extremely lucky with my business partner Bea as she does cover me at the drop of a hat. Vice versa too. There are of course disadvantages to working for yourself like no holiday pay, no sick pay etc but for me as a working Mummy the advantages win out.

She's normally a bundle of energy so it is worrying to see her so lacklustre, drained of any energy or drive. I'm hoping she'll sleep it off and feel better in the morning.

In the meantime we'll be cuddling up on the sofa watching her all time favourite films with Kung Fu panda. We just made a blueberry cake which I'm hoping she may eat later with a little custard. Spag bol is also on the menu this evening, it's all about comfort food and trying to stave off her virus whilst making her feel as cared for as possible.