Horror Playdates

Bang & Olufsen gets connected with BeoVision 11 Smart TV
Image from engadget.com

Matilda has been fortunate enough to have made some very special friends in her very short life time. Her best friends being the boys from our NCT group, we have spent many a long hour drinking tea, eating cake relishing in the development of our beautiful off spring.

Now that she is discovering her independence whilst making friends of her own firstly at ballet and now at nursery, my social life seems to be expanding. Generally play dates as they are now known, not just 'I'm going round to a friends to play', go well. The children play well, they have their scraps with the odd pushing and biting, but we as parents take it in our stride. This is all part of growing up, finding their way whilst defining their personality. Unfortunately accidents do happen, broken possessions, stickers appearing the weirdest of places, walls covered in crayon, spillages on my treasured, expensive Crucial Trading flooring (now ruined).

I guess dem's the breaks (excuse the pun) when a toddler enters your life. The days of an immaculate, clutter free home are long gone. No point in buying shiny new, expensive furniture which will inevitably end up with a fairy sticker or a scratch. Well at least in my house. I'm a firm believer that a child will blossom living in a free environment (however much I still can't abide clearing up glitter or playdoh), my amazing Mother did manage to inflict her neuroses on me so I'm determined not to do the same with my daughter.

For the most part Matilda is extremely well behaved and respectful of other people's property as well as being very attached to her own. That's why I know she hadn't gone near the Bang and Olufsen television that was damaged at her friend's house yesterday. Though I admit whenever we go to this house I watch her like a hawk. A beautiful house, it is filled with extremely expensive furniture and possessions. I live with the fear she'll put a grubby hand on an immaculate wall or cream leather sofa. So when the Father arrived home yesterday to find his pride and joy damaged, my heart sank for him, though I did think to myself why on earth would you put such an item within a toddler's easy reach, where accidents can so easily happen? Apparently the TV is ok, but he did lose it for a while which was so excruciating Matilda and I did make a very swift exit home.

I've heard stories of parents falling out over their children's behaviour or when televisions have been smashed or antique paintings had balls thrown at them. Come on guys these are children we're talking about. Though I do remember pre Matilda, being paranoid about friend's kids jumping over our new leather sofa or putting their grubby hands over our new flatscreen television. Mmm how times have changed...