Our visit to the magical Lapland UK

After two and a half hours of battling through the M25 roadworks and torrential rain we finally turned off down a little windy country lane through the Kentish woodland down to Lapland UK, the English home of Father and Mother Christmas and their elves. We were pretty relieved to arrive in one piece I must say!

 From the moment you arrive you are accompanied throughout by the Elves, They take you into a large wigwam with a big wooden door that leads you into the magical woodlands where elves busy themselves in the toy factory and. Mother Christmas spends her days baking Gingerbread men.

It is a magical place both for adults and children, snow covered pine trees (though slightly ruined by the muddy paths) an enchanting town square with it's own elf bank. A word of advice don't buy the elf currency when booking your tickets, you can pay for everything by card except for the sweet shop.

My personal favourite was the Elf Post Office where the children can write their letters to Father Christmas then post them, such a beautiful experience for them all.

There is Ice skating, a restaurant and a shop to keep you entertained for an hour or so before the big event. Meeting Father Christmas. He is the picture perfect Father Christmas, big and jolly.

Tis a wonderful experience for the children, they are transported to another world.  A perfect pure world where there is only kindness, fun and laughter. It is very easy to throw yourself into the spirit of the place, but the true joy lies in watching the little ones' faces light up as they turn the next corner, or led into the next experience. Highly recommended, but hurry as Father Christmas will be heading off on the 24th!