Islington and Cecil Day-Lewis Greenwich

I sometimes marvel at the beauty that surrounds me in London, generally this arises when I'm alone in the car or when I'm running around doing client chores.

Saturday I worked up in the beautiful De Beauvoir quartier of Islington, that square really is something else. Then Sunday we were in Greenwich. Two houses really struck me on my travels. This first one in Islington, I loved peering through this dreamy almost secret front garden. I spent the car journey home imagining who might inhabit this beautiful Georgian house.

This next one was in Greenwich, just opposite Greenwich Theatre. Once occupied by the Poet Laureate Cecil Day-Lewis. Father to Daniel and Tamasin, he lived here from 1957 to 1972 with his wife, the actress Jill Balcon. Here my imagination went wild over what potentially went on behind this glorious red door. Day-Lewis was a wonderful Poet yet his personal life quite often overshadowed his writing. Artists, wild parties, mind drifted away for a few minutes transporting me to a different era. Which houses or streets do that for you? Would love to hear from you.