Watch out Rothko you've got competition

Had to share these works of art created by my three year old. She loves getting mucky and certainly has a creative streak which we're encouraging to it's full potential. Painting and drawing is the best way I've found to keep her occupied and quiet when I need to work! I was bought up not to make a mess, my Mother would be horrified to see this happening in my kitchen. I'm a little more relaxed than this and to see her expressing herself whilst having lots of fun is worth all the wiping and clearing up I've got to do afterwards.

Mmm, I really shouldn't be doing with my hands should I Mummy?

The best of her work. The orange one on the bottom left hand side, was her interpretation of the firework display we took her to!

Yup not so sure I like this actually!

Thank goodness for washable paints is all I'll say.