A creative Sunday at the Windsor Art Fair

The sun was beaming down on us today, the perfect weather to take a trip down the M4 to Windsor. An old University friend who runs Jelly in Reading was exhibiting there, and as I hadn't seen her for years it was a doubly good reason to go.

We had a fantastic afternoon, Jelly were providing art and craft workshops primarily for children, though I must say I got stuck in making a necklace. Matilda had great fun drawing, glueing and making jewellery.

There was a lot of fantastic work there too at very reasonable prices. The artists Charlotte Broomfield-Payne and Philip Ledbury particularly stood out to me with their striking use of colour. If only I had an extensive purse and lots of wall space...

It did provide me with inspiration to take up some creative projects with Matilda, we will be joining Jelly in the next few weeks for some art play. Matilda clearly has a creative streak and, I do remember a time when I loved painting and drawing. So perhaps together we can rekindle that old passion of mine.