Sunday rambling on Wimbledon Common

Today was a quietly exceptional day. You know those days that are so good that you feel warm inside, this was one of those. Sadly the husband had to work so Matilda and I decided to disperse our sorrow at not having Daddy around by spending a girlie day together.

We started off with mass, which we haven't been to in ages. I'm not the world's most devout Catholic but I do enjoy going to church on a Sunday, it's quite cathartic. A quiet moment in a busy life. We go to children's mass where there's lots of humour, singing and children running around getting involved.

We then headed to the Parsons Green Farmers Market for our Sunday treats. We popped home briefly for a bite to eat then jumped in the car up to Wimbledon Common, and more specifically the Windmill.

For years the Windmill was shut, but now with a new curator it is a small but beautifully thought out museum, see here for more details on visiting wimbledon windmill. There is plenty to learn from, a great recreation of the nineteeth century room upstairs, lots of miniature windmills to keep the little ones amused and a tiny shop that sells Wombles - remember those? They were my favourites as I was growing up. I remember one expedition to Wimbledon Common when I was at Primary School to find the Wombles. I recreated that particular trip today with Matilda as we set off into the deepest, darkest common to see if we could spot a womble or two. No such luck, the only things we found were sticks, pine cones and puddles. Great fun was had splashing around the puddles and playing stick in the mud, watching kites flying and trying to find our way back to the car as mummy hasn't really ventured into the common since her teens. And she was probably tipsy on thunderbird in those days so wouldn't have remembered anyway!

I'd forgotten just had beautiful the common is with it's many paths and sheltered woods. Perfect exploring territory for youngsters. Do remember to pay it a visit sometime. I'm now signing off in preparation for the start of Homeland at 9pm on C4. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday evenings!