Saturday Snaps

An afternoon milling around a local high street with my family in the sun. Shopping, eating and browsing was the order of the day at Lordship Lane in East Dulwich. This is what every British high street should be like. There's a butcher's, a baker's and lots of candlestick makers here. It is buzzing with cafes, restaurants and all manner of tempting boutiques. A wonderful place to spend a bright, chilly afternoon.

Warming BBQ beans and pulled pork for lunch with sourdough toast, delicious!

I fell in love with this cot bed, wish I was small enough to sleep in there.

Autumn pumpkins and ornamental cabbages are resplendent 

Fun and games

South East London artwork

Love the East Dulwich deli

 She wasn't so sure on the first mouthful but then the marshmallow and sprinkles kicked in...