My little girl is growing up...

My baby girl is nearly three. I cannot believe where the last three years have gone. Three years ago I was still a Theatrical Agent, struggling to work heavily pregnant, doing my final theatre trips. In fact the last show I saw was Hairspray with a lovely casting director Victor Jenkins. I remember her kicking like mad at each song and, me getting more and more uncomfortable in my seat as the evening progressed.

And now she is about to embark on an independent life. We went to visit our local primary school nursery today, which we're hoping she'll be accepted to in January. It'll only be for three hours per day but this is the kind of place she won't be getting one on one attention, they positively encourage independence. She'll even have to wipe her own bottom all by herself! Though, quite honestly she's pretty independent already.

She loved it as soon as we walked in, she ran straight over to a couple of little girls that so happen to be in her ballet class and together they explored the large room and outside play area. It was as if they'd been a part of the nursery forever. Children have a remarkable ability to make themselves at home, and Matilda is no exception. She is an incredibly bright, cheerful, friendly little girl who has become a big chatterbox. She is craving a social life I think, being with Mummy or mostly grown ups is no longer fulfilling her requirements. She will love and absorb the stimulation, encouragement and teaching she'll receive there. So reluctantly I will hand her over to her newly found autonomy (if only for 3 hours a day thank goodness).