Hanging out with friends and toddlers in Cobham...

Sometimes you meet people in life that you connect with in a way that it feels like you've known each other forever. You don't have to have similar interests, or hobbies, or matching personalities to create a lifelong friendship. In fact, sometimes it helps.

Whilst pregnant with Matilda, three years ago now, I met a bunch of ladies at my NCT course that have become wonderful friends. Being pregnant and having a child is a life changing experience, I can only compare it to being 18 years old at University and leaving home for the first time. Sharing this new life with people, the highs, the lows and desperate times at the same time encourages everlasting relationships. I know that we were very lucky to have found each other and not all NCT/Antenatal groups stay in touch. Thankfully we have and our children adore each other to boot.

So this morning Matilda and I headed out to Cobham, where one of our group has moved to, where we spent the day gossiping, eating, picking apples from their tree, talking to horses in the field and basking in the warmth of our childrens' smiles at being together once again. I was so relaxed and content on the drive home that the endless queueing on the A3 didn't even bother me. A sign of a good day out.