Guest Post: The Fondue

For Something a little different, here is a little short story written by one of my oldest friends Dionne, the very first person I met whilst at university. Hope you enjoy it!

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If you've never participated in a Fondue  Party, Start Now. It's a Cheese Thing or a Chocolate Thing depending on your company. Add Jambon, then you've got a Banquet. You need to be quite familiar with your fellow diners but not THAT familiar if you get my drift. It's a Stringy exchange of future partnerships and client lists, i.e. Your In/ Your Out/ Your future Fondue Matter. Yes! The Big Melt Down of the Late Night Suppers. Oh, you need Bread n Backers. Sticks for dipping and Chairs for Seating on. A Fondue kit and a big Family Sized Table. Make sure the room is dimly lit, very low, very Mysterioooo: No No. It's simply melted Cheese with bread dunked in it or a combination of the above. However, it costs a Fortune and lasts 15 minutes, you all pile on Pounds, I mean Lardy pounds but if you can come away from the experience with Mirther, you've made the grade and a Gold Bar to match. Now Whisper, and drop eaves, Someone's at the Door! Who can it be? It's snowing and the Tree is sitting proudly with the others in the garden. Is it Susanna again? Let's go and see. Yes! It is with her Gruyere and Ham. Thanks, Su, they are all Upstairs.

By Dionne Povey