Wahaca pop up on the Southbank

As a huge fan of the Mexican chain Wahaca I couldn't wait to try out their new pop up restaurant on the Southbank. So last week when we went to see Hercules and the love affair, there was nowhere I wanted to grab a bite but Wahaca. It was a bit of a mad dash for me as I had to drive Matilda to her Godmother's in Walworth then drive back to the Southbank, so as the husband works in Covent Garden and a short walk from there he was under strict instructions to join the queue for a table.

Sadly he rang me to say there was over an hour wait and as the heavens had opened an outside table was out of the question. Boohoo I cried...

Luckily, I found a parking spot and legged it to the Royal Festival Hall to meet him. There was no hope of a table for a sit down dinner. I was distraught but resigned myself to having a noodle fest at  Wagamamas. But just as we were leaving the rain stopped so down we went to the Wahaca Taco/Burrito bus. There was no real queue so there was no looking back. Phew I was going to get my Wahaca fix.

And I wasn't disappointed. I had the slow cooked chargrilled Pork Burrito filed with juicy tender meat, green rice, black beans, guacamole, salad and medium chilli sauce wrapped in a light, soft tortilla. It was substantial and just perfect. The meat in particular was to die for, obviously had been cooked gently for hours leaving it melt in your mouth.

If you're unfamiliar with Wahaca then I urge you to rush to your nearest one! You can find them in Covent Garden, at both Westfields in London, Bluewater, Canary Wharf and now of course the Southbank. Wahaca was started by Thomasina Miers who made it her mission to bring authentic Mexican streetfood to the UK. The fast food produced here is fresh and of the highest quality. Decorated in hot colours reminiscent of Mexico's cities this is an uplifting and good for soul eating experience. Wahaca is the real deal not a watered down version so often found on our high streets. Get yourselves there at once!