Matildarisms Part 2

A while back I posted a blog entitled Matildarisms Part 1. I wanted to record some of the cute things that my toddler says as we easily forget these little quirks. And I don't know about other Mothers but since having her my memory is shot to pieces. I never had to write things down or keep a diary, it was all filed away in my memory, but now forget it!

Matilda's speech is coming on leaps and bounds though sadly she's already loosing some of the sweetest pronunciations and made up words so here goes. This one is for you Matilda when you're 21 and looking back on what a difference you made to our lives, always my sunny happy girl (well at least until Mummy started potty training you then you turned into a teeny monster).

  • akickle me - tickle me
  • ninished - finished
  • i scardin - I'm scared
  • puter - computer
  • wowot - robot
  • bikeon - bicycle
  • antslance - ambulance
  • huggle - hug
  • sheeps -(everything is plural in Matilda's world)
  • oh hooda's coming - here comes the hoover
  • cup'tea
  • nawnee car - police car
  • skiggick - biscuit
  • chap chap - ketchup
  • it's a muddle - puddle made of mud
  • eby - heavy
  • nawnee man - policeman
  • poooding - pudding
  • Lots and lots of everbodies
  • dancings
  • splashings
  • washingsheen - washing machine
  • skippings
  • rahhhhh its a lion
  • mouth bummie - burp
  • I'm not silly billy nana pants I'm the cheeky monkey!