A Sunday spent on Mersea Island

We've driven past the Mersea Island turning on the A12 countless times, and seen wonderful photos of it by our lovely roomtobreathe client, Duncan Smith (see the link below) but had never been ourselves. After a decidedly uncomfortable hot day in London on Saturday, we came to the conclusion the best place to be on a hot day is not an overpolluted, stuffy city but the beach. A garden hose is really no substitute for a dip in the cool, refreshing sea.

Mersea Island is located about 9 miles from Colchester and is the UK's most Easterly Island connected to the county of Essex by a causeway called the strood. Be warned; when the tide is high this route becomes flooded preventing vehicles passing, check tide times before you set off to avoid disappointment. We had no idea about this but thankfully were not caught out!

West Mersea was extremely busy so after indulging in our seafood lunch we headed off to find the beach over in East Mersea. What a wonderful sight awaited us, I had no idea but the whole length of the beach is lined in pastel coloured beach huts. Oh my goodness I was in seventh heaven, for anyone who knows me I'm a little in love with these and dream of the day one can be mine so I can sit on a hot sunny day reading on my verandah whilst sipping a cold glass of wine watching the sun go down. They were absolutely gorgeous, the beach itself isn't one of the best I've recently seen. It's sandy and pebbly with a good splattering of seashells lining the shore, the water is a little murky but oh so refreshing. Matilda had a great deal of fun fishing for seaweed with her new friends. How small is the world when the husband bumps into an old childhood friend who owns one of the cutest beach huts in the area! Matilda and her five children had a glorious time running along the beach, she made herself completely at home with all their toys and fishing nets!

Matilda blending in beautifully with the beach hut behind her.

At about 4.30pm the tide began descending leaving two natural piers leading to islands. It's a wonderful sensation as you walk along the sandbank to look back at the hundreds of pretty pastel coloured huts. There are plenty of tiny fishes swimming around you too, we did leave them be, though I was tempted to get a few out with the net for our dinner.

The beach has a real 1950's style feel to it, everything is bubblegum coloured even the holiday park sign looked cute. There are no garish arcades or dodgy candy floss sellers here, though you can buy little old fashioned bags of candy floss and vintage inspired beach gifts in the convenience store. It's as if the whole place is in a little time warp of its own untouched by the modernity's of life. We loved it and will be returning with a picnic packed in my wicker basket lined with red gingham, I know it'll fit right in here. Long live the good weather!