Reaffirming old friendships

Today I dragged my sorry toe out of the house and down to Sheen to meet up with some old school friends I'd not seen for about 20 years. Crazy really as we all live within 30 minutes of each other and of where we all grew up. But after leaving school, all going off to different universities we somehow lost touch. These were also the days before mobile phones and social networking. Once you lost a phone number that was it there was no way of googling or facebooking lost friends. Yes those days did exist, the good old days...

With the advent of Facebook old friends have been reunited and found more often than not they still have so much in common and pick up where they left off. Which is exactly what we did today.  We were all so close at school, we had our first drinks, smokes and parties together. I remember someone saying to me that it's your university friends that remain your friends for life, and that has been true for me. My university friends I see all the time, however it has been so comforting and reassuring to rediscover my school pals. We've all gone on to do such a variety of jobs and it was fascinating to hear about their lives over the last 20 years. Gosh, how the hell did that happen? A leisurely morning was whiled away sharing experiences and discussing other old friends, our old school (which is sadly under threat at the moment), our children and our futures.

Oh it gave me such a warm feeling inside to be reunited with these girls, it was like nothing had changed one jot. Can't wait to see them again. Next time it'll definitely be over a bottle of wine without the children!