Girls and their handbags

Never, I say, never stand between a girl and her handbag. Having overcome a very unhealthy obsession with handbags in my 20's and 30's, where a shopping trip was not complete without the purchase of a shiny new bag, it shocked me to witness my two year old's feverish protection of her straw basket.

Handbaggate took place last Saturday at the 40th birthday party of our dear friend Karen. Completely unprovoked Matilda took to shouting at the top of her voice to anyone close by 'this is my handbag, this is my handbag' continuously and right in the faces of her little friends Finn and Humphrey. Even when we were all playing hide and seek she'd pop her little head up out of nowhere, and screech 'this is my handbag, my handbag'. She had us all in stitches as she was completely oblivious to the fact no one was remotely interested in pinching her handbag, the boys in particular were so not in the least bit in awe of her 'handbag'. Bless her.

I'm hazarding a guess that as she was separated from this particular bag for a few weeks, after having left it at a friends,this was her way of ensuring this would not happen again. It is her very first handbag, which we bought in Brazil for her last year. Also, she probably senses my particular attachment to it too as it brings back so many good memories of the best holiday. When I was a little girl, I do remember my own little straw bag my Auntie Tuda bought for me at a Portuguese market and I loved it so much it came to bed with me. Something Matilda has also started doing.

Needless to say she did provide the comedic entertainment on Saturday. Since then she's not spent even half an hour away from it. They will not be parted.

I'm now beginning to dread the day she starts getting attached to the idea of having a Mulberry or a Prada, just like I was, when I finally persuaded my parents to buy me a Gucci bag when I was 18. I remember the day vividly, taking the bus up to Knightsbridge and watching my mother hand over the money until finally I could bring that little black Gucci bag home with me. I still have it 22 years later and it gets used on a regular basis to this day.

However, as any girl will tell you it's not how much a bag is worth it's about how good it makes you feel when you're wearing it. Matilda's behaviour was the proof of the pudding, a £2 straw bag made her feel special, secure and happy. And that's how it's meant to be for a girl and her handbag.

Here she is clutching her precious bag

Playing hide and seek lying on the floor the bag still in her grasp

Climbing up whilst juggling her bag and the ropes

This is for you Lila and Jojo for laughing so heartily at my daughter's expense!!


  1. Phew - glad we found the bag to return it then. I'd hate to be responsible for such a handbag travesty! Em x


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