It's been a mad rush the last couple of weeks and today was no exception. Finally just sat down for a little relax for tomorrow we are off for our very first proper UK holiday. We decided to join the other Staycationers and holiday in Cornwall. Thankfully it looks like the weather will turn so we can enjoy the marvellous beaches on offer to us down there. So it'll be days messing about in the sea, crabbing, fish 'n' chips and ice creams all in the open air.

I've always slightly envied the great British holiday makers. Stories of wet holidays, camping and taking part in all those British Summer activities were not part of my childhood, I always spent my six weeks in Portugal with family. Some might say I was the lucky one, but I guess we always want what we can't have. So for my little girl I'd like to ensure she experiences both sides to her heritage, hence our decision to stay in the UK this year at a traditional quirky Cornish cottage.

The other advantage being that we can pile everything in the car and set off down the M4 without constantly checking we haven't forgotten passports, holiday insurance papers, foreign currency etc Plus if we forget something you can bet your bottom dollar there'll be a Tesco or Boots within coughing distance.

So I bid you farewell for a week whilst I go exploring the glorious Cornish coast, indulge in many a cream tea and enjoy a glass of nice cold Pimms. Au revoir mes amis et a bientot!