An English Country Walk

City living takes it out of you on occasion, rushing here there and everywhere. Battling with traffic, noise, pedestrians, cyclists and London transport. Breathing in toxic fumes where ever you go including your back garden. Running for that last seat on the tube or bus, pushing past lost tourists or avoiding ditzy people on their mobile phones.

So last weekend we escaped to Suffolk. After a delicious late breakfast which consisted of the full works, sausages, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, toast and beans washed down with a cuppa (The calories were mounting up following a couple of days indulging in some delicious food and cakes), the four adults decided to take the two dogs, a total of four girls for the walk from East Bergholt to Dedham

A country walk is the perfect way to empty the mind and refresh the spirit. Being surrounded by nature, it's smells and sounds replenishes the soul. Here are a few photos of our afternoon stroll which I hope you'll enjoy: