Kew Gardens

A client called this morning to ask my advice on where to take her gardening fanatic husband for his birthday treat. I didn't even hesitate for a moment in recommending Kew Gardens who have a fantastic exhibition on at the moment. The sculptures are by David Nash who is currently exhibiting at Kew until March 2013. The exhibition extends to sculptures, installations, drawings and film throughout the gardens and their exhibition areas and Glasshouses. Alongside this he is working on a 'wood quarry' creating brand new pieces with trees that have come to the end of their life. These works will be displayed from October this year.

I especially love the way the wooden sculptures seem to blend beautifully into their natural environment despite them towering above the landscape. They are majestic, bold yet sympathetic to the beauty of the Kew Gardens.  I'm about to book my own tickets! Can't wait to see these for my very own eyes.

Don't forget that our roomtobreathe team can organise a trip just like this as well as book you into the best restaurant and even a hotel if you so wish! Our client will be going to Kew for the day, with a tea and cake at the Orangery followed by a luscious dinner at the River Cafe, we're hoping the sun shines for them on this special day!

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 Image from Kew Gardens website

Here is a link to my last visit to Kew: