Images from our Diamond Jubilee Street Party

The sun shone for us on Saturday afternoon so for the most part of our Street Party the rain stayed away. It meant the children could run freely up and down the road with their water pistols wetting passersby as they went. The table tennis was set up and used by the older teenagers, hopscotch and drawing all over the street in chalk was a firm favourite. Sadly the bouncy castle failed to pump up but the kids had a lot of fun playing in an old fashioned way, with each other, like we used to do.

We each bought our tables and barbecues out, food and drink was plentiful and the DJ provided some great dance tunes for all ages. The Party went on until the early hours despite the rain lashing down, it did nothing to impede everyone's enjoyment. There was a great community atmosphere with everyone making a huge concerted effort to create a memorable day for our street. It wasn't quite the 1977 Jubilee atmosphere where I remember every street in Fulham joining in with a huge carnival procession at the heart of the party. Bunting covered every street and house in the area and, everyone was out in the street. These days when travel is so much more accessible, I guess a lot of people took advantage of the extra bank holiday and half term to get away to sunnier climes. I understand this but also feel sad that this is the way these days.

Here are a few images of our party which I'm very proud to have been a part of: