There's no place like home...

 Here is a selection of some of the things that make my heart go aflutter when I go back to Portugal. Though I was born and brought up right here in London town, both my parents are Portuguese. Their culture was instilled in me from day one from big Portuguese gatherings to going to Portuguese school three evenings and a Saturday mornings each week until I was seventeen. Portugal is very much my second home where I go at least once a year to recharge the batteries.

The very first thing I do when I go back is head straight to our local cafe for a little shot of coffee goodness, to wake me up after the journey, which is invariably accompanied by a slice of good old fashioned Portuguese cake. Heavenly. There's no place like home.

I love chocolate Ice cream!

Our local beach which is a haven for Surfers

Sandcastles Mummy Sandcastles!