Saturday trouble and strife...

Today was just one of those days that you choose to forget about. A Saturday filled with chores like ironing, hoovering, dusting, washing floors topped by having to clear the flowerbeds from the dead leaves and magnolia flowers.

The morning was spent shopping, not for exciting things though I did manage to pick up a couple of bargain dresses from TK Maxx. So I shouldn't really complain.

However I'm feeling pretty hormonal so that is my excuse. This morning's shopping expedition was more like torture. I've developed a bit of a cold so that, combined with the hormones getting themselves in a tizz made me come out in a hot sweat whilst traipsing round Waitrose, leading me to forget half the things I was meant to be getting. Oh I could have hit someone when I got to the car and realised. As you can tell frustration had set in by 12pm.

Once I arrived home it was all hands to the deck with the house work and sorting out Matilda's toys. I don't know about anyone else, but I do seem to find her toys in the most remarkable places with no rhyme or reason. This drives me a little insane to say the least. Her jigsaw puzzles are in no particular order, she has a propensity for wandering around with pieces of them, which are then abandoned wherever she sees fit. I love her dearly but sometimes I do miss my Single Life when I'd get home from a night out or a day at work, and everything would be in it's place, where I'd left it. Now it's anyone's guess where one of my shoes might end up.

Bad day today I'm afraid guys.

Though the Husband did cheer me up this evening by mowing the lawn, hoovering, washing the floors and serving me the most delicious Oxtail Stew whilst indulging my guilty pleasure that is The Voice. He's now put on My Week With Marilyn and made me a Lemon and Ginger tea. Still, I definitely wouldn't have got that treatment had I been a single girl! 'All better now' as Matilda would say.