A New Forest Garden...

As you know we spent the Bank Holiday down in the New Forest with dear friends at their rather wonderful house in a pretty village firmly nestled in the heart of the Forest. It is one of the most beautiful locations for a house and theirs one is no exception. They have a lovely mature garden full of interesting exotic plants, the previous owner was a Horticultural expert, as well as the more traditional English Country garden flowers. I'm looking forward to returning to see the Lupins in the Summer that have sprung up throughout.

The view from the house is of Paddock where ponies, geese and deer have made their home. Sadly this time we weren't treated to the ponies but the geese, deer and rabbits were out in force. The rabbits were just too fast moving for me to capture them on film. It is a relaxing, idyllic place that is hard to leave.

Guess who came to say hello? The next door neighbours horse!

The geese provided a lot of the entertainment singing to each other and the deer each morning.

The hens and ducks lived in the field next door protected by the cute dog named Flash

The children were given eggs laid by the hens, Matilda was so excited she ended up throwing it not thinking it might crack. At least Flash was pleased with his eggy breakfast.

I loved the caravan in the next door neighbour's garden. Matilda was more fascinated playing football with Flash!

The New Forest Azaleas give the area a blast of colour amongst the greens and browns of the landscape.

The meadow at the bottom of the garden.

It is a magical, fairytale location where stumbling into Lewis Carroll style universe wouldn't feel too absurd. Looking forward to getting my next invite!