I bid you farewell...

Well only for about 10 days. Tomorrow sees me getting up at an ungodly hour (4am) to get myself and toddler to Luton Airport and on a flight to Lisbon. It's been a manic few weeks which has resulted in the mother of all colds and tonsilitus. So I'll be travelling with my bulging supply of tissues and Neal's Yard vapour rub, plus my throat lozengers to keep me going until I collapse at my parents.

We're spending a few days with my folks, so rather than a full on 'do nothing but sip Mojitos at the pool swim up bar' holiday, it'll be a lot of visiting of relatives, doing chores for my now rather elderly parents. But, I'll be damned if I don't get us on that beach every morning that we're there.

Thankfully my parents live near Costa Da Caparica which has some of the finest sandy beaches in Europe, it's a 10 minute drive away so I'll have no excuse! We're also 20 minutes from Lisbon so I'll be sneaking in an afternoon's shopping whilst Matilda entertains her Grandparents. Secretly am looking forward to going back to my second home, I just dread the preparations that go with travelling as well as the airport experience. This time we're going from Luton, extremely cheap flights that were less than half the price of a flight from Heathrow, so I couldn't say no. Anyway I know it'll all be fine once I get on the plane, then it's a short drive back to my parents where no doubt I'll have one of my Mother's famous 5 course lunches and collapse in a heap. Have a good couple of weeks and I'll think of you all as I'm running around the beach after a hyperactive toddler!

Here are a few photos of our local beach taken by my business partner Bea on her last holiday there: