Hair trauma

My beloved hairdryer that had been a part of me for the last 20 years finally blew up leaving a trail of dark smelly smoke behind it. It had served me well for all those years, it had cost quite a bit at the time though I don't recall how much. It was a salon style, white, heavy powerful dryer that when I could be bothered gave me a great Blow dry.

So for the last couple of weeks I've been researching hairdryers, a little scared of not being able to try them out to then find that hardly any air comes out of them. My worst nightmare was buying one that turned out to be like one of those hotel hairdryers (well masquerading as hairdryers), which they really shouldn't bother with offering their guests. It's the same as saying actually you should be going out with wet hair anyway as they're so ineffectual. Or those small travel hairdryers that take two hours to dry your hair. You can see my predicament at having said Goodbye to my trusty friend and going it alone into the unknown world of hairdryers.

So the search began, I trawled the shops and the world wide web until I found the Nicky Clark Desired on the Amazon website. I religiously read all the reviews which were on the most part, very flattering and positive. So I took the plunge, popped it in my basket and handed over my credit card details.

It arrived today, all sparkling and new in a very cheerful metallic red. I nervously unpacked it, opened up the box, took it out. Ooh it was of a reasonable weight, I unravelled the lead plugged it in and whoosh a great big gust of air came flooding out. My hairdryer was back! With three temperature settings, two speeds, a cool blast button and an ionic function that promises glossy, conditioned hair I squealed with delight at being able to have salon style hair from the comfort of my own bedroom! All for the princely sum of £19.97. Here's hoping it lives up to its predecessor's reputation.