A Glorious Sunday in London

We kicked off today with breakfast at Fulham Palace, a beautiful setting that has that rare ability to transport you to the rolling English countryside without having to endure the long queues on the motorways leading out of the urban sprawls.

One doesn't go to Fulham Palace for the Gourmet experience, service is friendly if a little on the slow side and the coffee strength on the weekend is somewhat rationed. However on a gorgeous day like today it is the perfect location for a breakfast with friends. We hung out for a good couple of hours whilst the children ran around freely playing football and racing their scooters.

We had every intention of heading into Soho for the fleamarket taking place in Dean Street, but with temperatures heading towards 30 degrees and a tired toddler in tow, we decided to just it easy and return home. The rest of the afternoon consisted of sunbathing whilst reading the Sundays, tidying up the garden, playing shops and tennis with Matilda, eating Strawberry Splits, BBQ'ing and drinking lots of ice cold coke followed by Rose! A perfect Sunday in my book.

What did you get up to on this sunny day?